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Holiday Decorating Tips and Tricks

Happy Holidays from Sciortino Homes! Tis’ the season to decorate your home inside and out with festive garnishes. Spruce up your home the right way by incorporating holiday decorations into your home’s style. From a garland of evergreens to a decorative centerpiece, every room in your home can use a touch of Christmas with simple decorating ideas. Instead of aimlessly decorating your home, follow these easy tips for decorating this holiday season.

Modern Holiday Trends: Rather than a traditional approach to Christmas decorating, try a modern-minimalistic approach. An elegant and graceful room does not have to be crowded with Christmas decorations to be festive. Try using white, grey and black ornaments to add festive elegance to your tree. For a glamorous look, use accents of gold and silver around the room! A method like this heavily relies on the interior design of your home and depends on what decorations you have or how much time is in your schedule.

Traditional Christmas Style: If you prefer a traditional look, go for big and bright! Traditional Christmas decorations tend to take longer for set-up but are well worth the final appearance. Focus on red, silver, and gold ornaments on your tree with yards and yards of fairy lights. Bringing the beauty and nature of outside indoors is also a great idea for easy decor! Pick some pinecones, dip them in glitter and set them in a bowl on your coffee table.

Holiday Safety: Injuries related to Christmas decorating have been surprisingly high in recent years. In order to prevent damage or injuries, take the necessary safety precautions. Keep Christmas trees away from heat sources like fireplaces, vents, radiators and other items that can cause flame. If you are using an artificial tree, make sure there is a fire resistant label. In addition, only use lights that meet strict safety restrictions and have not been damaged, broken, or cracked.

Are you looking for the perfect holiday present? Try a stunning property from Sciortino Homes! Nothing says home during the holidays like a beautifully decorated Sciortino Home. We currently offer 3 community neighborhoods with a number of lots open. To view a model home, visit Lantana Station for open house every Sunday from 1-4 pm or give us a call to schedule an appointment today, 585-621-2399.

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