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5 Things to Know When Building a New Home

It’s the American dream. You’ve waited for the right time, saved your money, and looked through countless lots until you found the perfect spot. It’s finally time for you to build your dream home.

Many people teeter back and forth between buying or building a home. While there are advantages and disadvantages for both, building your own home from the grass up is a rewarding experience! Before you embark on this exciting journey, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

1. After you have chosen the perfect lot for your home, you must choose the builder/contractor that is right for you. Find a company that is well established with a good reputation, has a portfolio of house plans that you can browse, and is willing to sit down and discuss your needs. While contractors are here to make effective decisions, they are also here to help you! Never be afraid to tell builders what is important in your home for you and your family.

2. Budget, plan, and budget again! Building a home can be a very pricey venture. While you don’t want to skimp on your future home, you also do not want to go way over your budget. When planning for your home, overestimate the costs and budget for extra materials. That way if more materials are used than expected, it will be in your budget and if fewer materials are used, you will have excess money in your budget! Always keep your costs in perspective and you shouldn’t run into any surprises in your budget!

3. Choosing the right floor plan is vital. First of all, you need to choose a home design that is right for your lot. Your home should work around the trees, scenery and sun rather than against them. Secondly, take into account your current and future lifestyles. Are you working towards retirement and feel a home without stairs is best for you? Or are you a growing family with need for excess bedrooms and play areas? Choose a floor plan for your home that will support you and your family’s lifestyle.

4. Do not ever overlook your need for space. Space planning is vital when building a home. You may decide your walk-in closet in the master bedroom is too big or the hallway width is too small. Think realistically about moving around in your future home and what makes sense for you. Also, think about the placement of rooms. It may not occur to you, but the placement of your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and closets are very important. For example, you want your bedroom placed in the quietest spot in your home with a bathroom close by. It is also smart to keep the kitchen close to the front door because it means less work when bringing in groceries. No matter where your rooms go, do not forget about light fixtures, outlets and faucets. Once a home is built, it can be difficult to increase this amount. It is better to have more than less – better safe than sorry!

5. This may be your dream home but many external factors can drive you away from your house after it is built. This is why you should always build with resale in mind. Think about what you want but also what makes sense. Will something appeal to future buyers, too? There is a chance this will not be your last home so you should build reasonably in consideration for the future.

With everything said, don’t forget that this is your future home. If you have always dreamed of a reading nook, go for it! Don’t be afraid to ask your professional contractor/builders for their advice. Sciortino Homes loves helping clients find their dream home!

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